Microsoft & Nokia Deal

After wait of Eight months finally deal between Microsoft and Nokia has been closed. As we know that Microsoft over takes Finnish company’s Nokia for $7.2 billion dollar. The Microsoft-Nokia deal has been completed as it was expected to over in January 2014 but unfortunately it took little more time. Microsoft officially announced this news over internet and worldwide through press conference and media. We all know that Nokia was the only company that produces more than 90 percent of world’s Windows Smartphones. Microsoft Nokia deal is the hot topic now a days and now after so many rumors finally they complete their merger.

Microsoft Nokia deal

Microsoft announced that all the paper work with Nokia regarding this deal has been completed now some formalities are left. They also announced that 25,000 employees will remain same from the rest of company. Microsoft will soon launch its new series of smartphone with amazing specification in market for competition other competitors.

There is also news from unknown source that Microsoft will change all name to Microsoft Phone. According to Media the merger is technically completed today. Now after few days they will start their production and company will be back to track with new smartphones.

Will Microsoft Nokia deal affects existing user of Nokia?

Microsoft announces that warranty of all the existing Nokia smartphones will remain valid there is no issue regarding warranty and service for existing users. If you recently purchased any new Nokia devices and are afraid of losing service after this deal then don’t worry your service will remain active under the warranty period. Nokia said in press conference that they will still operating one factory of them established in South Korea. They also announced that their plant in India are also not part of the deal they still operate India’ Plants. Because of India Tax Microsoft will later take over these branches. Nokia will give more information regarding this deal on their first quarter 2014 results.

Microsoft says that some features will remain copyrights and products of Nokia like their Here Map. Nokia will provide these services as an partner to their smartphones. This deal has been approved by Nokia shareholders and agencies involved in it.

With this deal in place it could open up an opportunity for other future collaborations when it comes to tech development giving both Nokia and Microsoft the kind of boost that gets consumers clamouring for more. We will have to wait and see what happens next with this one.

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