Samsung Galaxy S6

After successful launch of Samsung galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 prime now Korean manufacturer Samsung working on its new Galaxy Flagship codenamed as Galaxy S6. We all know that more than  million Samsung Galaxy S5 sold this session with huge marketing popularity.We all has heard that Samsung is working on 2k and 4k display for smartphone, we also expected to see this display in Galaxy S5 but unfortunately they didn’t fulfill users expectation.Samsung Galaxy S5 was sport with a 1080p display which was descent but not impressive.Samsung Galaxy series got a huge fan following in past few years over the world especially in Asia.

After celebrating their successful story of Galaxy S5 now they are working for something new.Rumor taking fire that Samsung will hopeful launch its new flagship Galaxy S6 with a ultimate specification that will fire the whole market. They are working in all category for this new flagship, specification is still unrevealed ,however.

It is expected that Samsung will reveal some detail about its new Flagship Galaxy S6 on end of September 2014 because they have launched last device on April 2015.Samsung know how to make customer happy and now they are implementing new technologies to earn more money. After fighting mid level and low budget battle now Samsung is only focusing on high budget and extremely qualified devices to make some money. We all know that their is no competitor for Samsung at high budget.Because of good market value Samsung is ruling high ended device market. There are several manufacturer that are working on same field but Samsung has its own track with no opposition.

There are some possibilities that Samsung will implement some new features in Samsung Galaxy S6 to make it viral over the world but we don’t know anything much more about it. After implementing Finger print scanner and heart rate monitor now they are implementing high performance processor and optimal RAM for the new Flagship.

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S6

Body matters

In today’s scenario, Smartphone body design matters for all customers and Samsung knew this point, they have learned art to design beautiful but still effective body design for their smartphone although Samsung didn’t changed its design for low and mid budget smartphone. They already sported a leather back for Galaxy Note 3 and a plastic fiber back for Galaxy S5, S5 Neo. But they are implementing new material to design back body for Samsung Galaxy S6 to make make it light and effective with a better look.


According to rumors Samsung is working on new extremely fast processor for new flagship Galaxy S6 to make it as smooth as butter. they have also implemented a descent processor in S5 series but new flagship will get some more power. it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 will boost Samsung Exynos 8000 16-core processor / Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 64-bit processor.

RAM and Memory

Samsung is very well known for its great RAM support, and now they are expected to implement a 4 GB RAM for new Android device Samsung Galaxy S6. If we talk about storage memory then Samsung is going to fit 32/64 GB internal support in Samsung Galaxy S6, However external memory support is still unrevealed. according to rumors it can also provide a128GB expandable memory support.


Samsung Galaxy S6 will enrich your experience with 5.2″ 2K display that was expected to came on Galaxy S5 but unfortunately that provides 1080p. Samsung has working for 2K display for a long time for smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy will provide a descent camera of 18 Mega Pixel camera with simultaneous shots, Low light Picturing and Full HD video Recording. Also features a 5 MP front facing camera for people who love selfie and video chat.LED flash will boost your clicking experience with smooth flash. Samsung will also launch a S6 NX device with a good camera Lens.


Battery is the most disappointing thing in any android device and no one is working to implement a powerful battery that can live a device for a whole day with heavy duty. But Samsung is expecting a good response from its new flagship battery that has been fitted in Samsung Galaxy S6. According to Source Samsung Galaxy S6 will boost a 4500 mAh battery with descent battery backup of 2 days with moderate work.

Flexible Body

Many people claimed that Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a flexible design but Samsung has not issued any statement regarding this but we all know that Flexible body is the most trending thing expected by people in past few years.May be other manufacturers are also working on Flexible material to make their device flexible.

Android 5.0

The most impressive thing that fires whole market is Android OS which will run on Samsung Galaxy S6. Their are two probability that can occurs, Either Samsung will features its new OS Tizen or Android 5.0 OS (Lollypop). Lollypop has more chances to come with Galaxy S6.Moto devices and Nexus series will also get this OS as update suddenly after release.

Improved UI

We all know that people dont like their UI TouchWiz anymore, Samsung will remove some unnecessary apps and features that are pointless.People are searching for something new and fresh, They want Smoothness over style. S Health is that new app that will come with Samsung Galaxy S6.

Fresh Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with waterproof, scratch and dust proof design. Ultra Super AMOLED display is expected to come with new flagship. Heart rate monitor and finger print scanner will still remain in list.

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