Samsung Galaxy S Rooting

Are you tired of slow processing and performance issue of Samsung S duos. We all know that after Samsung Galaxy S2 S duos was the cheapest smartphone offered by Samsung for users which was featured with Android 4.0 ICS. I also have a handset of it and trust me it is very slow I mean it hang without any reason. Sometime i just want to suggest Name “Turtle” to Samsung S  duos. I have only installed few apps but still it remains slow therefore i have searched for some few simple methods to Root it.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is nothing but giving access to user to R/W. In other Words after Rooting user can provide permission to selected applications to overwrite or access system files.

By default it is only read only by the manufacturer or organization.


What are the benefits of Rooting?

Rooting is beneficial to all except you know what it means. After Rooting you can manage you RAM, Can manage CPU Processor, Can manage applications, you can also uninstall stock applications (like Samsung apps,Chaton,Google Chrome,Google newsletter etc).

Requirements for Rooting Process

There are some few and simple requirements for root process and are listed below. Please be sure your smartphone full fill these conditions

Req 1. Your Phone battery must be at least 80%

Req2. There will be no Modded CWM installed in it


Enable USB debugging from Setting >  Developer Options > Usb Debugging

Backup all your personal data and contacts like (chats, message, applications)

Install Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 USB Driver

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

Disclaimer:- Rooting can cause void of warranty of your smartphone. Some device brick-down reported while rooting so don’t blame us for any damage as we are not responsible for your scene.


Step 1:  Download Rooting kit from an online source.

Step 2:   Switch off your android device by removing battery. Please take out battery for at least 1 min for secure process completion.

Step 3:   Boot your Android device in Download Mode by pressing these buttons together.

Hold Volume Down + Home together then click Power button with both of them until you see Android logo in your screen.

Step 4:  Run Odin.exe file present in Rooting Kit extracted by you.

Step 5:  Connect your device with computer in Download mode so that it can capture your device port.

Once your connection with your device has successfully established a ID:COM will turn yellow.

Step 6: Click on PDA option under the Odin Software.

Step 7: Now Uncheck all then check reset Time and Auto reboot.

Make sure that other are remain unchecked.

Step 8: Now Start the process by clicking on Start button. It will take few moment please wait until it completes.

Success Sign: Once Rooting process is complete Odin will pass a message of PASS that means your device is successfully rooted or operated.

What to Do Now?

Now your device will be to normal mode and open as usually. Now you need to install a new software called SuperUser.

SuperUser is a free application that grants permission to application to access system file in write mode. it also manage your logs.

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