Best London Apps

London is a rather wonderful place, isn’t it? Full of hidden delights, delicious food, quirky little shops and delightful little hotels. Well, you know all this already; you’re on a site filled with tips and tricks for finding all the best bits of London.

But what about when you’re out and about and you want to know where’s great nearby for a coffee, and you don’t have easy access to TLLWTL? Here are just a few of the best Apple apps for a busy woman in London with an iPhone or iPad (and they all work outside the capital too)

Finding the best places


Qype is a review app for those in the know. It’s all about finding amazing little places and sharing them with others. If you want to find a hairdresser in Soho who gives you a swishy do, or somewhere to eat in Brixton where you might bump into a celeb, have a search on the app. And if you submit your own reviews, you can earn badges and potentially get invites to exclusive free events.

Around me

Around Me is a similar concept to Qype in that it shows you what’s around you, but without the reviews. It’s a simpler approach but handy if you need to know where the nearest bank, hospital or taxi rank is. An essential app for any Londoner.

Getting to the best places

Journey Pro

I’m an out-of-towner, and I have a horrible sense of direction, so Journey Pro is pretty much an essential for me. It helps you plan a journey from start to finish – covering buses, trains, tubes, trams and more. So you don’t have to plan your trip across several apps. It’ll even tell you which platform to hop on for your train. 69p well spent.

Getting into the best places


Ah, food. Roughly 65% of the reason I love London so much is to do with the food. But sometimes booking a table is a nightmare. I really like the TopTable app for finding places to eat near me, reading reviews then booking a table straight from the app. You can even view the menu and special offers. Handy if you’re on a diet or a budget.

Getting the best deals


Another one for Londoners on a budget. VoucherCloud finds all the best deals near you, ranging from restaurant deals to a discount on your haircut. Worth a quick check if you want a cheap bite to eat nearby. They’ve got some great deals for shops, online stores, entertainment and even holidays.

And a couple to speed up the journey…

Not really a London app, but the Kindle app is always handy to have – especially if you have an iPad. I also love the Zinio app for reading my favourite magazines on the tube.

So, that’s my top apps for Londoners. What apps can you not deal without?

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